There are a lot of things one must do in a business in order for things to workout. Intelligence is one of the important qualities that business personnel must possess. The following are some types of intelligence every business personnel must possess.
Business personnel must have interpersonal intelligence. People with interpersonal intelligence are easily able to pick up on the feelings, mood, motivation, and intentions of those around them. They are also able to influence the opinions and actions of others. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and interact effectively with others. It involves effective verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to note distinctions among others, sensitivity to the moods and temperaments of others, and the ability to entertain multiple perspectives. Interpersonal intelligence helps you become a better friend. Someone who other people can trust with their problems and their issues. It helps you become a better friend and as a result helps you achieve more when working with others.
One must have a visual intelligence. Visual-spatial skills are of great importance for success in solving many tasks in everyday life. When one has visual-spatial intelligence, one is able to visualize the world accurately, modify surroundings based upon one’s perceptions, and recreate the aspects of one’s visual experiences.
When one has the ability to learn languages and is able to use the languages to achieve certain goals then one is said to have linguistic intelligence.
Being logically sound is very necessary in accomplishing tasks. A logical person uses precise language so that his listener knows exactly what he is talking about and can adequately evaluate the truth of his claims. If he refers to more complex terms such as “freedom” or “equality,” he makes sure to establish his particular understanding of those terms.
Business personnel must be a naturalistic. Having the appearance of nature or realism; lifelike or realistic.
One must also be musically sound. But not just your regular music here. Often singing or drumming to themselves. Usually quite aware of sounds others may miss. Often discriminating listeners.
One must have existential intelligence in order to understand humans. Existential intelligence can be defined as the ability to be sensitive to, or have the capacity for, conceptualizing or tackling deeper or larger questions about human existence.
The last but not the least type of intelligence business personnel must possess is intra-personal intelligence. This is also one of the important qualities there is. Normally such people may be shy, but are very aware of their own feelings and are self-motivated.
In all, having these qualities will go a long way in making your business accomplish its goals.

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