The Millionaire Academy

You are welcome to the Millionaire Academy(TMA), another initiative of Korsell Corporate Consult, with support from PUM, a Netherlands based international foundation with over 30 years experience in expert support for SMEs in developing countries. Feel free to browse our site for more detail or contact us for further enquiries.



TMA is a business development academy for SMEs. It is designed to reach-out to rich ideas and energies in the hearts of entrepreneurs and businesses to develop them into sustainable giants in today’s competitive market through close, consistent and collaborative hands on sessions and result oriented assignments by local and international experts & consultants.

The Millionaire Academy is one of the business development initiatives of Korsell Corporate Consult Limited,  with support from PUM, an international organization based in Netherlands with over 30 years experience in expert support for SMEs; Opoku Debrah and Associates an experienced Agribusiness Consulting Firm and the Inclusive Agribusiness centre a West African business development organization.

TMA seeks to promote private sector industralization in Ghana by providing the essential boosters every successful business requires which are hands-on technical advice and assistance, funding and investor sourcing, networking, marketing and strategic planning and management.

The Academy, being an avenue to improve your business; will not restrict the normal operations of any business, lectures or employment but rather provides flexibility with regards to date, time and venue per client’s (SME) choice.