Sales has come to represent the heart of any profit making enterprise. It is the embodiment of progress and in itself marks a significant tool for assessment of growth. It is also the tiresome part of business; given that it involves translating a product into the most sought after need of the consumer. It requires convincing another individual who may not have any immediate need for the product to realize a sudden need for the very same product. For most sales persons, it is not enough to be diligent in carrying the message across. It is everything to not despair at rejection, the twin company of sales. What would make a business survive is what problem the business exists to solve. That should be the defining moment for any sales person. From this board, trade can be launched, in spite of the seeming headache it is characteristically known for.

There are a number of resources that are viable and efficient in the way they address the headache that typically accompanies sales and trade. At Korsell, we list a five-point solution to making you most competent at the art and most fruitful at the end of your endeavors. There is no point in experiencing the characteristic headache that accompanies sales and trade. When you set goals, identify your prospects, guarantee your qualification, commit to the process and consistently follow up, you are sure bound to meet the full heights in your enterprise as an entrepreneur or a salesperson.


Goals are the stated objectives that guide the transaction of any enterprise. It defines the limits you should go to and outlines what your intentions are for plying the particular trade. Most SMEs fault in setting goals for the flawed assumption that there is no measure to the strength of the SME. Contrarily, SMEs that are notably involved in meeting clients with products that translate into sales and establish trade have a heightened need of immediately identifying the goals they want to be associated with. This is to measure their progress. Usually, the goal is defined, relative to the problem that exists to be solved and its bounds extends to the means by which customer satisfaction would be established.


There is an important need for a salesperson to note the opportunities for success and failure and where they exist. This is necessary to avoid unfortunate risks that do not translate into assets for the salesperson in the long run. Prospecting opens up the company to identifying potential customers, what their specific needs are, what avenues exist for addressing their specific needs and the risks of failure that equally accompanies the endeavor.


Before you set out to commit to sales, be sure it is just what you want to do. Qualifying is an easily negligible resource in the society we are found, given the need to survive with any job offer that is presented, including sales. This is unhealthy and it can permanently leave you disgruntled for life, whenever the options arise for any such commitment in future. Be sure you have an unwavering passion for sales and make that passion a hobby. You would deny yourself the unimaginable headache that has left many frustrated at this very crucial part of a business life.


You may adopt different strategies for carrying out sales and trade. Only make it a system and process that works best for you and that identifies with your individual values, goals and aspirations. Having outlined the process you want to adopt, commit to it wholeheartedly and with religious might.


Make sure your customers return to you. Be ruthless with desiring their referrals and continued trade with you. Follow up on the products you sell. Invite them to workshops that are based on the product you are identified with. Keep a calendric note of when they started trade with you and offer discounts on those days. Follow up on the services you sold and be willing to make adjustments when they identify a fault. Keep a golden plate for your customers from which you would serve your best service and refresh them with sustaining desserts.

We believe that sales and trade must not be a hard endeavor for anyone who identifies the passion. It is why we are convinced you can be a great KCC Agent. Contact us for more details and be on the lookout for our upcoming editions of The Executive Table where we share these time tested and foolproof resources with you on how to make your business grow. You would be pleased you did.

Photo: KCC Sustainable Farming Conference, 2017

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