There are many strategies for generating profit and wealth in every industry. Your ability as an entrepreneur to create a profitable business where no business existed before is the key to your success. Entrepreneur need to change their practices to focus more on profit. What are the fastest ways to increase profits?

Change Operating Procedures; you need to generate more revenue while reducing expenses. To increase your revenue, try offering new services that complement your current offerings. Switch to a relationship based revenue model that gets customers coming back to you offering monthly or yearly service plans, at a discounted price. Another operational change that can increase profits is incentivizing new customers to try your services or products with specials deals, discounts, or short-term giveaways.  

Stay Visible and Connected; Accreditation, licenses, and certifications for your business or individual employees can set you apart from your competition. Take your reputation online, using social media, your website, and a blog to connect with clients and make strategic alliances. Use advertisement sharing with complementary businesses, find ways to leverage referral and take advantage of affiliate marketing tools to drive new customers to your site. Eliminate stale, ineffective alliances that may be dragging you down.

Streamline Management Costs; How efficient are your employees? How many customer leads do you get? How much are you owed in accounts receivable? Questions like these needs to be answered immediately, and to do so, you need to automate your business. Create a system for employees to access and add data, keep all information updated and synchronized. Automation will allow your business to run smoothly and will help a scaled down workforce accomplish more back office work.

Inspire your staff to do more; one way to boost your profits is to increase the output of your existing staff. No matter what type of business you are running, there is a good chance that your employees are not being as productive as they could be and that is not necessarily their fault. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies lose over 20% of their productive capacity to organizational drag; “the structures and processes that consume valuable time and prevent people from getting things done. As such, it is important that you evaluate your business processes to ensure that they are not slowing people down.

The key to creating profit has always been the same: It is to add value. In what different ways can you add value to your customers today? In what ways can you add value to your business today? One good idea to add value to your existing customers, or to new customers, can be enough to move you into the top 20 percent of businesses in your industry.

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