Victor Tuah Kumi

” Leadership is inspiration, Leadership is passion”  – Victor Tuah Kumi


Victor is a dedicated Electrical Engineer with excellent technical, analytical, communication and presentation skills. Involved actively in several ambitious projects/businesses namely; The Ultimate Module, FBIL, COPIA, YOPEN, Circulate Ghana Project. Four of which are my brain born and personal initiatives.


Core Values
A problem Solver



Professional Experience and Projects
Electrical Maintenance Engineer ▪ December 2013 – Date
Ghana Water Company Limited (ATMA Production Kpong Head Works)

Kpong Head works (arguably the biggest water treatment Plant in the sub-Saharan Africa) electrical engineering team of 5 concerns itself with the day to day activity of putting the physical 100 million gallons daily production capacity plant, Booster station plants and Accra Rural Plants into good operating condition as far as electrical systems are concerned.


Warhorse Automatic Water Tank Level Controller inverter ▪May 2013-December 2013

Occupation: Self Employed

Location: Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Designed and built economical automatic water level controllers.
Set-up and managed a business that dealt in the building and installation of the device.
Sold and installed 12 controllers within 2 months.


Current Projects/businesses/business ideas and Philanthropy ideas

FBIL ▪ Ongoing
The FBIL (Friends-Brothers Investments Limited) consist of 5 dynamic, focused and ambitious young professionals interested in buying ready for harvest cocoa farms and actively planning to venture into animal husbandry and other cash crop farming. Individuals contribute 1000 Ghana cedis a month.

COPIA ▪ Ongoing
COPIA is my brain born and initiative. Name, a Latin word which means military stores or a facility.
The idea remains same and simple. Ambitious and professional young persons with entrepreneurial minds, committed to contributing at least 500 Ghana cedis a month into common investment funds over a period of 10 years with intention of using money to raise a much bigger facility to build a business afterwards. Business is to be determined by all members later on. A member may not leave group till another member or group members are willing to buy his shares or an external individual is willing.
Individuals can make contributions higher than baseline of 500 Ghana cedis per month and a member who defaults shall pay the next month with corresponding interest. If a member keeps defaulting, another member or group members will buy his shares automatically or shares shall be floated.

The Ultimate Module ▪ Ongoing
Network marketing offers what I believe is the greatest business opportunity for the 21st Century youth, entrepreneur, and professionals and most importantly, passionate individuals who want to see Ghana accelerate in growth and drastically reduce unemployment and accelerate industrialization through entrepreneurship revolution. This shall be discussed extensively. With Ultimate Module we say Leadership is Passion and Leadership is inspiration.

YOPEN ▪ Ongoing
Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs Network is my brain born and initiative. The idea basically is to Network young professionals, entrepreneurs and business persons. We look to creatively maximize our potentials and possibly open up to diverse career options by bringing our individual worlds together. We will do this mainly on social media platforms. We will have sessions with life coaches on this unique platform.

Circulate Ghana Project ▪ Pending
Research has shown that most Nations and persons have had their lives transformed through the inspiration derived from philosophical quotes by great individuals and heroes in society. Circulate Ghana Project is my brain born and initiative. The idea here, is to have very creative designs of these great quotes adopted and sponsored by celebrated personalities and passionate individuals in society. Say, 5 copies of design of this quote from Muhammad Ali “Don’t count the days, make the days count”, adopted and sponsored by the CEO of GRATIS foundation. The bottom will have inscriptions, “sponsored by the CEO, GRATIS foundation and powered by the Circulate Ghana Project”. We will have these copies placed at vantage positions say in Akosombo and have copies of a different quote in some other town. We would exchange these quotes monthly in a cyclic manner hence name, Circulate Ghana Project.
This is to inspire hope across Ghana and also motivate the well-meaning people of Ghana.


Areas of Expertise and Special Skills

  • Business Modelling
  • Networking and Network Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Communication and presentation Skills
  • Industrial Power and Control systems
  • Computer Networking, CCNA level, PLC and SCADA application


Mobile Friday (M-Friday)
An award-wining organization involving people with entrepreneurial minds in the field of Computer Applications Development and IT.


Contact Info

Phone: +233 509860206 / +233 276205036


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