What Diversification Is It is rare to find rational investors concentrating their entire wealth in a single security or investment.  […]

The Brokerage Business

T INTRODUCTION Every investor who wishes to transact business in the securities market will need the services of a brokerage […]

Steps in Investment

STEPS IN INVESTMENT Undertaking an investment is a very important decision in life. Therefore all care must be undertaken to […]

Functions of the Securities Market

FUNCTIONS OF THE SECURITIES MARKETS The securities markets perform very important functions that benefit the economy, the corporations and the […]

Primary Market vs Secondary Market

PRIMARY MARKETS Companies can raise external funds through borrowing or issue of shares. If securities are issued they are sold […]

Money Market vs Capital Market

TYPES OF THE SECURITIES MARKET MONEY MARKET The money market is designed for the provision of short-term funds. It is […]

The Securities Market: Introduction

THE SECURITIES MARKET Introduction Companies, government and international organizations issue securities. Such securities are issued to raise funds for the […]