Capacity Building & Incubation (BIZCUBATOR)

Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana have significantly been noted to have provided approximately
85% of manufactured employment in Ghana based on a University of Ghana Business School research conducted in
2010 . Unfortunately these companies rarely advance beyond start-up ranking to surviving organizations, a
significant measure for managing Ghana’s high unemployment rates.

Our Business incubator (BIZCUBATOR) is a hub for creating new and small enterprises. There are lots of researches  round the world showing that startups fail in their early periods of operation(s). Thus, it is crucial to support new and small enterprises to survive this period. When starting a new enterprise, an incubator reduces costs and risks, offering potential entrepreneurs and their enterprises the biggest chances to survive. Our Incubator is established for enterprises to help them survive the early period of operation. Hence, we are a useful instrument which can be used to stimulate, form and grow new enterprises.

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