The emergence of an increased level of demand and supply for goods and services by consumers and economies has pushed industries and companies to deploy and employ sophisticated mechanism and strategies to meet up with this trend of the market. This has furthermore lead to the deployment of sophisticated and standard recruitment process.

This is for the singular reason of recruiting highly qualified and result oriented work force. Unfortunately, the the sector or department respobsible for wholistic education and training fail woefully as graduates who complete higher education lack these skill set and mental acumen that companies and industries need, making it difficult to absorb them, unto the job market, the net effect is the spate of structural unemployment.

E -T Hub, an innovative and capacity building platform provides a congenure atmosphere coupled with trendy skill set that augment and helps build the individual with mental and cognitive reasoning ability not only to be employable but also employ others for the singular reason of good standard of living. With the help of our international partners, well trained facilitators with the state of the art facility and standardized curriculum, we are able to achieve this. Below are some of the services we do

  1. Recruitment and Amissions – International and local
  2. Scholarships and Internships/Jobs
  3. Conferencies and Workshops -Capacity Building
  4. Career Development and Guidance