To run a business effectively and efficiently requires a lot of upfront effort. Efficiency demands processes, protocol, and forethought in every aspect of your business. This endeavor trolls through strategy, operations, marketing, your finances, and especially sales.  Here are some effective sales strategies and tips to help your business;

Know Your Business; Not just your company, but the industry. Keep abreast of new technology, services and products related to what you are selling. Let your customers know you are knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry and they can come to you if they have any questions.

Build a Relationship; Get to know your customers. Pay attention to their interests and hobbies. Keep a file on each customer to remind you of the little things before you call them. It is a friendly way to show them you care, and may produce a few extra deals.

Listen to your customers; Ask questions and let the client do the talking. Give them your undivided attention and find out what is most important to them. Once you get an idea of what they’re looking for in a product or service, you can adjust your sales pitch accordingly.

Customer Relations Management System; Customer history records are important to all facets of your business. Records can be stored manually in the office, but to be more productive, consider a customer relation management system can be accessed by your employees, as well as clients. Organize your customers starting with the initial contact point. Buying trends can be monitored by watching dates and quantities of each order. Praises, complaints and customer service issues can also be entered and resolved by approved staff members.

Take advantage of content marketing; Tools such as paper ads, commercial TV ads, press releases, banner ads, etc. are no longer as powerful. It is purely for self-promotional purposes and everyone knows that. People neither like or trust these ads anymore. This is a subtle yet a more powerful way to get your prospect’s attention. The low cost of the process and the ease with which you can start a campaign makes this the most powerful weapon for businesses.

Always Control the Next Step and Offer Something of Value; that means you’re never “waiting” on a prospect to get back to you. You’re prepared to reach out to them with something of value so that they never feel like you’re annoying them. Never contact a prospect to ask for an update, ask to hop on a call, or something similar. Always contact a prospect with something of value, like a custom analysis of their business; a great, relevant article on their industry that may help them; or more detailed feedback on something you know they’d be interested in, like a quick example of what a competitor might be doing. If you always send something of value to your prospects, they’ll always open up their email because they know you are furthering their career with your value.

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